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Auld Lang Syne

Okay, so here we arrived, it is the 31.01.2020.

We are convinced BREXIT is a huge mistake, but so it is. A reality.

It doesn’t disrupt our friendship to many Brits, no matter whether they have been in favour or against leaving the European Union, no matter whether they live inside the UK or in an EU Member State or elsewhere. The past months made us even more convinced that respectful debate, discussion and dialogue, distribution of facts and reflection of information is essential if we want to progress our society.

We did listen to the last speech of Nigel Farage in the EP and wonder how on Earth he got away with not understanding the fundamental principles of the European Union even by now. He uses the word “accountability” in a context that makes us wonder whether he even understands what that means applied to his own “performance”.

It is up to the people to become more political and actively join progressing societies.

The journey of the European project continues.


Nicolas & Michael

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