About Us

#loveyouEU is an initiative developed by Nicolas Entrup, SHIFTING VALUES, and Michael Hartl, [digital fellows], and supported by private individuals.
SHIFTING VALUES was founded in 2011 in Vienna, Austria, by Nicolas Entrup. While our core competence is in the protection of species, animals, the environment and, in particular, the oceans, we regard it as our private duty in view of current socio-political developments to take a pro-European stance. The European Union is not perfect, but a project that is constantly evolving, the direction of which we citizens are shaping, too.
-> www.shiftingvalues.com

[digital fellows] was founded in 2017 by Michael Hartl to bring together his long year activities and networks around online campaigns, web development and online communication. As European citizens at heart, they are committed to promoting the liberal values and benefits of the EU. So that pro-European points of view are heard just as loudly as the voices of the opponents of freedom.
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The #loveyouEU initiative invites anybody to join and participate.