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EU elections are choice of generations, too

Within our initiative we have launched a set of images promoting two courses. 1) remind the older generation to carefully think about the future of the next generations and 2) urging young and new voters to make use of their democratic right to participate in elections.

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EU elections are choice of generations, too

The children’s future is in the hands of adults. The course for the future of European children will also be set by the elections to the European Parliament between 23rd and 26th of May 2019.

Children can only hope that the older generations will think of them responsibly when they cast their vote. The referendum in Great Britain with the close vote to leave the European Union demonstrated how opportunities for the next generations are being obstructed.

The private initiative #loveyouEU mobilises for a higher turnout in the elections to the European Parliament (EP) and reminds the older generations of their responsibility for future generations with the photo series ‘YOUR FUTURE. MY CHOICE – MY FUTURE. YOUR CHOICE’. Likewise, #loveyouEU appeals to first-time and young voters to be aware of their responsibility for their own future: MY FUTURE. MY CHOICE.

According to Eurobarometer data, only 28% of the 18 to 24 year old took part in the EP elections in 2014.

“Such a low turnout among young people must not leave anyone untouched. Everyone can contribute to motivating fellow human beings to vote and to contribute to shaping the framework of their own future and of future generations in Europe,” says Nicolas Entrup, one of the two founders of the #loveyouEU initiative.

“The Brexit fiasco must be a lesson to everyone. It doesn’t help to lament after the elections. We promote the active participation of civil society in decision-making processes and the further development of the European idea,” says Michael Hartl, co-founder of #loveyouEU.

#loveyouEU is not party-political, communicates a positive, pro-European attitude to life and positions itself for the further development of the European Union based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights and against separatist and nationalist tendencies. The initiative was developed by Nicolas Entrup, SHIFTING VALUES, and Michael Hartl, [digital fellows], and is supported by private individuals.

Images © Schossleitner / #loveyouEU

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