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Britain, We … LOVE YOU

On February 11th 2019, two days before one of the many recent debates and votes in the UK parliament about when and how the United Kingdom is going to leave the European Union, about whether or not the deal negotiated over various months between representatives from the European Union (on behalf of the remaining 27 Member States) and the UK is acceptable to the British parliament, we just did something very simple: Sending a message of love to Great Britain.

The reactions couldn’t have been more divergent.

From cascades of messages of hatred and disgust, to criticism that we should accept the people’s vote, and also lots of messages of support and appreciation. To us the reactions indeed showed that the Brexit debate and procedures are already, understandably, fraught with a huge load of emotions, but also that there is so much false information and misunderstanding out there about “what the European Union is” and how it functions.

Our message and the reactions boosted our will to kick off #loveyouEU as an initiative which – while not arguing that the European Union is perfect (it isn’t) – highlights that it is one of the most promising projects bringing people together, who share values based on respect and continuously work towards making the vision of a united Europe come true. The European Union is as good and as bad as we – the people – allow it to evolve. We urge everybody to participate in debating the European Union and its future. Read our Manifesto to find out more about our beliefs.

And finally: hey Britain, we #loveyouEU and want you to remain.

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